game of thrones

Excerpts from the Emerald Isle

October 3, 2017

The North Face Jacket

I lost my favorite North Face jacket that day. Sitting on a bench waiting for an Uber Taxi to take my friends and I back to Belfast proper, where our hotel was. To be honest – I did not know Uber Taxi was a thing until I went abroad.

We were working the Belfast Nashville Songwriting Festival. But that day, was our day off. We spent the morning sipping peppermint tea in a quant unassuming cafe on a Belfast side-street and went hiking at Cave Hill Country Park. Cave Hill was a fairy-tale land right out of Game of Thrones. Albeit – I have never seen Game of Thrones nor do I know what the hype is about, but it was green and magical. There was a cave on the side of the mountain where maybe a hobbit would live. (I’m not a big movie nerd and my boyfriend make’s fun of me all the time for all the movies I haven’t seen. So yes I will publicly admit, I have never seen Lord of the Rings). And it just looked like what I imagine a Game of Thrones set looking like, except it was real life.

That’s the thing about real life – is you have to get out there and see it. I was tired. I had not slept in 36 hours between international travel and working a festival. I very well could have slept all day in my hotel room. But that is no fun.

Recording in an Irish Castle

recording in a castle

We are audio engineers. We are songwriter’s. We were in a castle in Northern Ireland that is gradually being washed away into the Irish sea due to corrosion.

And this cave had a really cool circular room and we were audio nerds fascinated by the reverberations and how this castle sounded. It was hundreds of years old and sounded so good.

We got a couple microphones. A four track Zoom Handheld Recorder and some XLR cables. And we recorded a moment. We played some Johnny Cash and Fleetwood Mac. Even an obscure tune “What’s Up” by 4NonBlondes.

It was windy. It was joyful. It was cold. It showed emotion.

And I am a big supporter of moments in time. I like to think of them as snapshots. Some snapshots are more memorable than others. This was a happy snapshot.


I had plenty of other experiences I went to the Guinness Museum, Grafton Street, and Giant’s Causeway. And many other beautiful places that created moments in time.¬†And I have been sitting here trying to figure out how to conclude this post. I’m coming to the conclusion that life is full of uncertainties.

Three excerpts may appear to make something complete. It’s a number we know. “Three Tips to Help You… Three Places to Go.” However, I have been trying to work on being okay with uncertainties. That certain things do not always have a proper conclusion. Sometimes posts are two excerpts from moments in time and not three.

Sometimes things end like this.